My purpose for this site is not only to chronicle my work on solar heat engines but also to encourage others who build heat engines to use engineering tools to evaluate the performance of their engines. By measuring performance and working to improve these engines it may be possible to make them practical power sources.

Before you go through all the hard work of building an engine it’s nice to know if it will work. Tools to simulate the performance can give you a little more confidence that all the hard work is going to produce an engine that runs. Simulation tools can also help you make good decisions during the design process. I’m currently developing simulation tools that I plan to make available for others to use. Developing these simulation tools requires performance results from real engines to see if simulation matches reality. So I’m always interested in measured results from real engines that I can use to refine my simulation. Eventually I’ll make plans available for some of my designs.

You’ve probably guessed, I’m an engineer.

Doug Conner
email dconner at solarheatengines