Speed & temperature measurements of the 3D printed Stirling engine

Stirling engine speed vs temperature ratio

Using the automated testing system for the 3D printed Stirling engine I described in my last article, I’m now presenting some of the results of using the test system. On the chart below I’ve plotted all the data I collected versus time. It’s a little busy so I’ll explain it in detail before I go […]

3D printed engine BOM and assembly instructions

BOM for the PE2 Stirling Engine, page 1 parts

This third post on the 3D printed Stirling engine PE2 should cover most of the loose ends for those interested in building one. First I’ll provide the complete BOM (bill of materials) needed to build the engine. The reduced copies I’m showing here are barely readable, but you can download the ful-size PDFs at Thingiverse. […]

3D printed Stirling engine now open-source

Assembly drawing 1 for 3D printed engine PE2

I decided to make this engine open source so that anyone could build it. The PE2 design (stands for printed engine 2) is licensed under the Attribution-Share Alike – Creative Commons license. The previous post introduced the Stirling engine with a lot of information about the design. This post and a few more will provide […]

3D printed Stirling engine

This article is about a low-temperature Stirling engine I designed to be mostly built using 3D printing. I designed the engine to use Stratasys’s fused deposition modeling technology, an additive manufacturing process. You can see a video about the engine here: This article will go through much of the same material that is in the […]

Solar-powered Stirling engine design details

I’ve put together a video of the latest version of the LT-2 Stirling engine. Because this low-temperature engine has minimal output power I sometimes consider it more of an artwork than an engine. I often refer to it as the sculpture engine. What this engine lacks in power it makes up for in reliable operation. […]

Self-starting solar-powered Stirling engine

This is a continuation of my Stirling engine development for a sculpture project that is solar powered. Because this engine needs to autonomously control its operation, it needs to self-start at the proper time. Here’s a video of the engine with starter and controller. This engine is based on the simple Stirling with some significant […]

Low-temperature Stirling Engine

I’m currently working on a low-temperature engine for use in a solar-powered sculpture project. Fortunately it really doesn’t need to run anything other than itself. Ideally it will not use concentrated solar to keep the project simple although that limits the engine to a very low temperature ratio. A low temperature ratios mean low power. […]

1 Watt Stirling engine driving high-power LED

First let me say I will display this engine and generator at the Maker Faire in San Mateo, CA on May 21, 22 so you can see it running if you are there. The above video shows a one-watt Stirling engine driving a one-watt LED. Conversion efficiency is not too high so I’m only driving […]

Simple Stirling Engines built from the plans

Occasionally I hear from others who have built the simple Stirling engine from my plans. Most people end up making some kind of modifications to the plans. That’s fine with me, in fact I enjoy seeing how other people solve a problem. The only area where experimentation could be risky (in terms of ending up […]

Measuring a Stirling engine with 1 watt power output and 1.5% efficiency

The following is a transcript with still photos of the previous video on the same subject. I’ve included a few more notes about the engine, my model 3F. This is a gamma configuration Stirling engine. I’m powering it with the heat from a 70 watt light bulb so that I can accurately measure the heat […]