Engine 3d

Engine 3d

Engine 3d was designed as a test engine to provide data for refining my simulation. The engine needed to be large enough and powerful enough so that I could make performance measurements and compare them with the simulation. The large cylinder on top is a one-gallon paint can and houses the displacer.

Engine 3D with displacer cover off Click on photo to enlarge

The Styrofoam displacer has a 2.5 inch stroke, the same as the power piston, which is housed in the black cylinder beneath and to the right of the displacer.

 Engine 3d Piston Click on photo to enlarge

 The aluminum piston has a 2 inch diameter.

The towel wrapped around the top of the displacer cylinder helps insulate the hot end. The extra mass attached to the flywheel helps smooth out the engine motion. In the future I’ll be attaching a hot water jacket around the top of the displacer to operate from a solar collector.