Power piston sizing for Stirling engines

Power piston and displacer sizing chart for Stirling engines

One of the more difficult yet critical issues in designing your first Stirling engine is deciding on the correct power piston displacement. My earlier discussion of power piston sizing did not satisfy a lot of people. So I’m going to make this one very simple to apply. For me to suggest the right size power […]

Maker Faire 2008

From 2008_05_05 Ma…     I want to thank all the people who stopped by to see the solar power Stirling engine in operation. I appreciate the questions, comments and interest in the engine. I regret that I was unable to offer a better response to those that asked about the efficiency. I simply cannot […]

Torque and Power measurement of low-speed, low-power engine

I needed to measure the torque and power output of my Stirling engine so that I could compare it with the simulation. The engine currently spins up to 70 RPM and has torque levels up to around 2 in-lbs. My first attempt at a design to measure torque was easy to make and gave satisfactory […]

Engine model 3d is up and running!

Engine model 3d has actually been running for over a week now, but I finally am taking time to start getting this website up-to-date. You can see more photos in the photo pages. I’m in the process of performance testing the engine to see how closely its power output agree with my simulation. There are […]