Variable reluctance starter motor for Stirling engine

I chose to use a variable reluctance motor as the starter for my Stirling engine design for the following reasons: 1. The most important feature is that it offers near zero friction when the motor is not energized. The only sources of friction are the shaft bearing drag and aerodynamic drag on the rotor. This […]

1 Watt Stirling engine driving high-power LED

First let me say I will display this engine and generator at the Maker Faire in San Mateo, CA on May 21, 22 so you can see it running if you are there. The above video shows a one-watt Stirling engine driving a one-watt LED. Conversion efficiency is not too high so I’m only driving […]

Generating power with a stepper motor

If you want to generate electrical power from about a tenth of a watt up to several watts, a stepper motor might be worth considering. I’m going to go into detail here on a specific stepper motor that can generate up to a little over ½ watt. First a few key features: 1. Inexpensive: New […]