Power Piston Sizing

Engine 3F sim

How big should your Stirling engine power piston be? (Be sure to see my more recent post on power piston sizing. It provides more specific information. — Doug Conner) A common problem Stirling engine designers face is how much volume should the power piston sweep in comparison with the displacer? This of course only applies […]

Stirling Engine Simulator & Guide

The Stirling engine simulator is a simple isothermal cycle simulator for Stirling engines. The guide below should be helpful to those interested in using the simulator. Although it’s a fairly simple simulator, you can learn a lot about Stirling engine design by trying out different designs and operating conditions. What is it? The Stirling engine […]

Ideal Stirling Cycle Spreadsheet

  This Excel 2003 spreadsheet stirling-cycle-ideal-v-02 lets you input the basic values for a Stirling cycle engine and calculates various quantities such as pressures, work in, work out, heating, cooling, and ideal efficiency. Don’t use this spreadsheet with the idea that your engine will get close to the values it shows unless you have an […]